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Legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates set a new standard in the Men’s Open division with his insanely thick and wide upper body. He’s widely regarded to have presented one of the best back muscle development of all time. In a recent post made on Instagram, Yates revealed the fix for a common mistake on the dumbbell shrugs.

Dorian Yates first gained attention for his massive muscle mass, size, and granite conditioning in the early 90s. He emerged as a promising contender out of the UK and took silver to eight-time champion Lee Haney in his maiden Mr. Olympia showing in 1991. The next year, Yates secured the coveted Sandow trophy with his monstrous package at the 1992 Mr. Olympia.

Yates proved to be a dominant champion, winning six Mr. Olympia titles in a row and every other show he participated in from 1992 to 1997. After a final outing at the 1997 Mr. Olympia, he hung up his posing trunks.

‘The Shadow’ earned a reputation for staying away from the limelight between contests and returning with a significantly enhanced package on stage. He adopted the high-intensity training techniques of Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer where he would push himself to near failure in every training session.

Given the intense nature of high-intensity workouts, Yates suggests limiting them to 45 minutes. He advocates for using heavy weights to give new stress to the body for building muscle.

Yates does not believe squats are essential to growing muscle. Since he picked up a hip injury from using the movement in his heyday, he argued the exercise presented a high risk and that there were safer ways of achieving the same result. He also revealed he trained four times a week to get ready for Mr. Olympia shows during his days of competition.

Dorian Yates underwent stem cell therapy to heal from the injuries and physical damage he sustained over the years. The treatment helped boost recovery in his shoulder and reduce inflammation after a month with further improvement expected in the knee and elbow.

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Yates crafted a ripped midsection with two bodyweight abs exercises, which he would time after a heavy shoulders and triceps training session. Then, he revealed the exercises he utilized to build an Olympia-worthy chest in his prime.

The 61-year-old has not lost his passion for fitness. He still boasts shredded abs even after 40 years in the game. In addition to weight training, Yates utilizes other exercises to boost longevity. While he doesn’t need to prep for shows now, he enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle.

In a recent Instagram post, Dorian Yates shared a common mistake lifters make while perfuming the dumbbell shrug and explained his solution for building massive traps.

“Dumbbell shrugs,” said Yates. “When working the traps, I always see people shrugging straight up. Missing out on the rest of the trapezius muscle. The traps run down your back and the way target them fully is by shrugging up and back. This will engage the mid and lower traps too as well as the upper. Lean slightly forward too rather than standing straight. 40 years of experience in the gym, crafting arguably the best back in the history of bodybuilding… I know what works.”

Dorian Yates now follows intermittent fasting to stay in top shape post-retirement. He believes it’s a big factor in keeping him ripped in his 60s and encouraged his fans to adopt the diet as well.

Yates recommends doing a proper warm-up before a high-intensity training session. He used a stationary bike to kickstart his workouts and focused on mobility and flexibility.

His latest offering will certainly help many fitness fans build bigger traps as they improve their form with a proper range of motion.

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