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The realm of digital assets is more than just a financial evolution; it’s an arena of geopolitical power play. With the rapid digitization of the economy, the largely analog financial system of the United States seems archaic. For the US to retain its competitive and strategic edge, it is crucial to ensure that the dollar remains the primary currency of the global internet.

The New Space Race

Rewind to 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into orbit, triggering a wake-up call for Western policymakers in the United States and beyond. It sparked a realization that they had been outpaced by their adversary. This initiated a vast mobilization effort, creating technologies like GPS, Starlink broadband services, and military communications that form the backbone of today’s digital world.

Fast forward to today, blockchain technology and digital assets hold a similar transformational potential as satellite communications held for the previous generation. However, despite the urgent calls for US leadership in this field – encapsulated in President Joe Biden’s “crypto executive order” – the US risks losing its footing on the global stage.

In the initial space race, the US government steered a nationwide campaign to invest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, established NASA, and ultimately sent astronauts to the moon. Winning the race fortified the US’s dominant position in many critical technology sectors. The key to this success was providing free enterprise and human ingenuity with a shared mission and a collective destination.


Just as the space race propelled the United States to technological dominance in the past, the race for blockchain and digital assets could determine geopolitical power in the future. To maintain its global leadership, the United States must rally its resources, ingenuity, and vision to ensure the dollar’s continued relevance in the rapidly digitizing global economy.

Your thoughts on this matter are invaluable. Do you believe the United States can once again harness its entrepreneurial spirit to maintain its leadership in the era of digital assets? Can the dollar continue to hold its own in an increasingly digital world? Please share your comments and questions below. Together, we can contribute to this pivotal global discourse.

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