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The correlation between a well-educated workforce and productivity is indisputable. Workers with a robust educational background often exhibit higher productivity rates and enjoy the flexibility to change jobs with relative ease. Most skills are honed and perfected on the job; therefore, the inability to find appropriate employment opportunities can stifle the potential of our educated youth.

The Missed Opportunities

The limitation of this potential not only hampers individual growth but can also obstruct economic development, especially in nations that have recently joined the International Development Association. This issue calls for a concerted effort from policymakers, economists, and educators to address the barriers and unlock the latent potential of our educated youth.

Global Employment Indicators Database: A Tool for Change

To facilitate effective employment diagnostic analyses and the formulation of employment strategies, the World Bank’s Jobs Group, in collaboration with the Data Group, has established the Global Employment Indicators Database. This resource is built upon household survey data and aims to help policymakers and industry professionals analyse how patterns of labor force participation and employment change over time.

Navigating The Employment Landscape

This database provides insights into various workforce sectors, including male and female workers, those with higher and lower levels of education, and workers in urban and rural settings. By making these metrics readily available, it becomes easier to design and implement strategies that cater to the specific needs of these diverse groups.


Addressing the untapped potential of educated youths is crucial for sustainable economic growth. Initiatives like the Global Employment Indicators Database are vital steps towards informed policymaking and strategy development. The discussion on this topic is ongoing, and I encourage you to join in. Your questions and comments are welcome as we collectively navigate the intricacies of the evolving employment landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and resources on this matter!

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